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How CryptoAce Works

  • Investment Open Time 24 Hours / Monday - Sunday
  • Investment Bonus 50% - 80% ROI
  • Token Symbol CRYPTOACE
  • Total Number of Investors 23,579
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Token Details

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

  • 10 % To Community
  • 08 % Reserved Fund
  • 12 % Advisor Team
  • 70 % Sold Globaly

Sale Contribution

  • 10 % To Community
  • 08 % Reserved Fund
  • 12 % Advisor Team
  • 70 % Sold Globaly
Our Roadmap

Company Roadmap

Q2 2017

Building of a consolidated market share running on a connected system.

Q4 2018

Workable synergy in the market with the initial launch of Finesse Brokers.

Q1 2019

Expanding the availability of the platform to more countries.

Q3 2019

Partnering with even more blockchain based organizations to scale the platform and provide more profits to users.

Q1 2020

Scaling up the company, reaching 1000+ asset managers under our care and providing services for 1 million+ users


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Latest Release 1.49.0

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A better way to present your money using fully featured digital currency and now available on the CryptoAce team xpeed studio for It is the fastest and most scalable digital asset,

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Pre-Sale Starts 7/31/2019
Pre-Sale Period 7/31/2019
Pre-Sale Cap 7/31/2019
Pre-Sale Terms 7/31/2019
Token Sale Starts 7/31/2019
Token Sale Period 7/31/2019
Soft Cap 7/31/2019
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Sharon Cengioglu


Kriston duarth

Marketing Head

Jayne Michelle

HR Head

Saunders Jayne

Lead Designer

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